I can still remember the evening when my husband and I went to our first yoga class. I believe our decision to try yoga was made at the right time as I was going through a very stressful period in my life, sitting in the office all day long was not good for me either and I could hardly handle the build up of stress. I needed something to enrich me, to balance myself mentally and physically. I wanted to try yoga for a long time but did not believe it would help me that much the first time. I felt peace and tranquility while I was only paying attention to myself and the asanas. After the class I felt happy, weightless and free. I could not recall what upset me during the day and I did not care at all then. The point was that I had found something really effective, therefore I started to attend yoga classes regularly.

I increasingly had a sense of achievement and the early rigidity of my body ceased as well as emotional blocks. I noticed that I could better manage conflicts and got positive feedback from my peers.

As a teacher now I know what I experienced was just some of the amazing physiological effects you can experience with regular practicing. Since then yoga has become an integral part of my life and helps me get to know myself. I wish more and more people find yoga so they get healthier, happier, improve quality of their life and can say, as I do, ‘I love yoga’.