First time visit?

Are you visiting us for the first time?

  • The first time you visit us please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts to have some time for a quick registration and to change your clothes.
  • Bear in mind the classes start on time and after start you will unfortunately not be able to join or even enter the studio. This is of mutual benefit because the warm up session is a must and if you miss it you risk injuries.
  • Please remove your shoes when entering the studio. We supply slippers.
  • Yoga is performed barefoot but if you feel more comfortable you can wear socks.
  • If you do yoga with us you do not have to bring anything along apart from a comfortable t-shirt and pants. Everything else is supplied by us. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat if you like . :-)

Some good advice:

  • 2 hours before doing exercises it is recommended not to eat food that is not easy to digest. You’re better off doing yoga with an empty stomach, you’ll experience that anyway.
  • In case of any injury or pain please inform your trainer. If you have a period or are pregnant it is a must to let us know!
  • Yoga is not a race. Does not matter where your limits are, in time you’ll be better and better. There is no pressure to compare yourself to the others, only to yourself. There is no need to strain yourself, listen to your body!